We’re a team of three, addicted to the adventures this startup life brings us. We go through everyday growing this platform, adding value to this company and becoming better people.


Jennifer Chen


Jen is the co-founder and CEO of dipp. She's a second time entrepreneur with her first business in the supply chain industry based in China. She's lived in 4 different continents and is contantly on the road meeting clients, attending conferences or documenting her journeys visually to help others find the next best experiences.

FUN FACT: To go to art school, Jen moved to a painter's village in China to learn oil painting full-time. She turned out an OK painter but managed to become an agent representing many painters she befriended in the village.

Christine Chan


Christine is the co-founder and CTO of dipp. She's the full-stack technical mind behind dipp's product development and a specialist in machine learning data science. Originally from Taiwan, she's worked in both Asian and North America and is on her way to see every part of the world by building the best visual experience at dipp.

FUN FACT: Christine's curiosity got her observing a bug, paratrachelophorus nodicornis, in 1st grade when decided to observe its whole life and later dissecting it. It's no wonder that she's also prepping for med school.

Mikhail Abramov


Mikhail is the co-founder and Head of Design at dipp. He's the conceptual guy that takes everything we do up a notch by adding some carefully thoughout details. His only way of transporation in the city is a bicycle and that's when he gets to clear his head and come to the office inspired and ready to go!

FUN FACT: As bored high schoolers, Mikhail and his friends built a 12'x5' treehouse, which eventually grew into a 14'x17' guest house with running water, electricity, and a giant hydraulic trap door for the roof patio.
About dipp
We are the pioneering mobile-first visual booking platform connecting amazing leisure and hospitality sales with the most experience-driven consumers. Our machine learning powered technology combines discovery, reservations, great deals and social media worthy moments into one that turns aspiring lookers into booking customers.

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