Get to know us

We run a tight ship here at dipp, small but efficient.

Jennifer Chen


Jennifer is the founder of dipp, directing the vision, mission, and leading the charge for strategic partnerships of the initiative. She began her career as a UX/UI designer and front-end developer in advertising agencies and design studios, creating award-winning products for innovative clients including Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Penguin Random House, NYSE, and various museums.

During her years in being a part of the founding team of a Turkish tourism board based in Istanbul, Jennifer was inspired to take an entrepreneurial leap to launch a product that improves the current tourism industry with a global presence. Since then, Jennifer has applied her skills and insights in product design and international travels to kick start dipp, a machine-learning travel discovery and planning platform connecting aspiring travelers with relevant travel services/tools.

Batyr Kanzitdinov

lead engineer

As the lead engineer at dipp, Batyr is a full-stack developer in charge of implementing new product features and maintaining the day-to-day performance. Originally from Moscow, Batyr has built many cross-platform applications since the age of 17, including the Messenger App for VK, the Russian Facebook.

Before joining dipp, Batyr worked as an development consultant for clients in Russian and United States, created high-functioning apps built with React Native and MobX with social integration such as authentication, sharing and data integration with Facebook, Google, and Instagram etc.

Batyr is the key in realizing dipp as it is today, turning its traveling dream to a robust technology available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Danny Povolotski

lead engineer

Danny is a serial entrepreneur, techie and multilingual travel enthusiast, speaking 8 languages! He kick-started dipp from its idea stage to a performing MVP with his extensive knowledge in a diversity of programming languages, tool kits across multiple platforms and environments.

Alongside dipp, Danny runs Caffeine, an Israel-based development house, breeding and mentoring young developers in Israel to put Jerusalem on the global technology map.

Danny is a PHP veteran, expert in Javascript that has done everything from light frontend javascript to heavy full stack applications, and efficient in jQuery like no others. We love that he's built dipp with React Native to allow it to be a native app on both mobile platforms, but he's also amazing at AngularJS.